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Did you know that some activities are logged in the software, such as when the software is backed up or restored? This information can come in handy when you want to determine when something happened and who initiated it.

A Support Log is available for viewing or printing in every application, but provides different information based on the application. Not all activities are logged, but those that have a high impact are typically included.

To print a Support Log

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “View the Support Log.”
  2. Optionally enter a Date range.
  3. Optionally select the Specific option next to Users, and then select the desired users for whom you want the report to run.
  4. Optionally select the Specific option next to Features, and then select the desired features for which you want the report to run.
  5. Click the Print button.

There are many helpful features in the Support Log. For example, let’s say you are sure that you updated statements last week, but now those transactions are showing as work-in-process again. In Tabs3 Billing, you can print the Support Log and include the Undo Updated Statements feature. When reviewing the report, you will see a list that includes every time the Undo Updated Statements has been run. The following information for each time will also be included: Date, Time, User, Statement, Cnt (Count), Client Range, and Reporting Month. Now you can see who undid the statements and talk to them to find out why.

To view a complete list of what features are included in the Support Log for each application, visit Knowledge Base Article R11288, “Support Log Information.”

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