Billing Q&A: Changing the Order of Fees on Statements

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Is it possible to change the order in which fees appear on a statement?

Fees are always displayed in date order on statements. However, Tabs3 Billing does include a utility to change the order in which fees that share the same date will appear.

To change the order of fees on a statement

  1. In the Tabs3 Quick Launch, search for and select “Reorder Fees.”
  2. In the Client ID field, select the matter whose fee order you want to change.
  3. In the Group fees by field, select the option that matches your statement grouping.
  4. Select each fee you want to reorder and click the Move Up or Move Down button to change the fee’s position within the date group.
  5. When you are finished, close the Reorder Fees window.

Note: The Reorder Fees utility works by editing the reference numbers assigned to the updated fees. Reference numbers on previously generated reports and verification lists may no longer refer to the original fees.

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