Quick Tip: Resetting Field Tab Order

November 2021    Tags:

Did you know you can reset the tab order of fields in the PracticeMaster form layout? By default, the order in which fields were added is used as the tab order. However, you can change this order to fit your workflow. When you are in the Form Designer, click the icon. This will display numbers on each field, showing the current tab order. You can now click on the fields in the order you want to tab through, and the numbers will change accordingly.

But what if you need to reset the sequence in the middle? Not a problem! You can set the counter by holding the Ctrl key and then clicking on a field. Although nothing is displayed, the counter will have been set to that number behind the scenes. The next field you click will increment the counter by one and adjust all subsequent fields. For example, let’s say you want to switch fields 8 and 9. First set the counter to 7 by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on field 7. Next, click on field 9 which will be changed to field 8. The old field number 8 will automatically be changed to 9 since there cannot be two fields with the same tab order.

Once changes have been made, click the  (Run Form) icon to save changes.

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