Quick Tip: Separate PDF for Each Sort

September 2020    Tags: , , , ,

A new Separate PDF for each Sort option has been added to the Sort tab of both Generate Statements (Statements | Generate Statements) and the Detail Work-in-Process Report (Reports | Work-In-Process | Detail Work-in-Process Report). When this option is selected, matters are grouped into separate PDFs based on the specified sort criteria. For example, if you choose to sort by primary timekeeper, all of the matters with timekeeper 1 assigned as their Primary Timekeeper will be included in a single PDF, timekeeper 2 in a separate PDF, etc. This feature is intended to help firms that distribute their pre-bills electronically by allowing them to send a single PDF to each timekeeper that only includes the matters that are relevant to that timekeeper.

Note: The Separate PDF for each Sort option only applies when you select DropBox or File (with a file type or PDF selected) as your output method.

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