Video of the Month: Using Client Funds

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If you’re not already using client funds, you may be wondering how to set it up and start using it.

The Client Funds feature in Tabs3 can be used to maintain a separate accounting of client funds for non-refundable retainers. These funds are kept separate from the client’s accounts receivable balance and are typically deposited in the firm’s general account.

Before entering client funds transactions, you must first set up the client. Once the client is set up, you can use the Client Funds file to enter client funds transactions. Deposits, withdrawals, and payments to the firm can be made to the client funds account.

The Using Client Funds video walks you through setting up a client for client funds, including more information on each of the setup options. This video will also walk you through entering a Deposit and a Payment to Firm, explaining how each field affects how the transaction is handled.

Watch this eight-minute video here:


Note: Other funds such as trust funds, escrow funds, refundable retainers, etc., can be entered as Client Funds, but using a trust account system (such as Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software) is recommended to better comply with state bar recommendations.

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