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Modern technology allows criminals to create forged cashier’s checks that are virtually indistinguishable from legitimate cashier’s checks. As a result, it may take a surprisingly long number of days, even weeks, to catch the forgery. But even when it is uncovered, the victim will still be in the same pickle, since financial institutions will take the position that the person who deposited the check with them is responsible and will charge it back against the depositor’s bank account. This can be devastating, particularly if the account is a law firm trust account.

To help make sure that you or others in your law firm do not fall prey to such devastating consequences, watch the webinar recording to learn more about what to look for in a legitimate check and how to make sure your checks have enough security features to ensure you’re protected against check fraud.

You’ll learn:

  • What check security is available
  • Common misconceptions of check security
  • How to choose which level of check security is right for your firm
  • How to print checks directly from Tabs3 software

View the webinar recording!

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