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PracticeMaster now directly integrates with NetDocuments cloud-based document management service! Clients added or modified in PracticeMaster, Tabs3, or Trust Accounting are automatically synchronized to NetDocuments.

The following features are available with NetDocuments:

  • Set up integration at the firm and user level. User-level NetDocuments integration includes features such as accessing NetDocuments from within PracticeMaster. Once firm-level integration is set up, client and matter information added or changed by a user is sent to NetDocuments regardless of whether they are configured to integrate with NetDocuments.
  • PracticeMaster integrates at the repository level, so all of your repository’s cabinets are accessible from PracticeMaster.
  • You can optionally include your NetDocuments repository when performing a conflict of interest search in PracticeMaster.
  • Documents assigned to a client in NetDocuments can be accessed from the PracticeMaster Matter Manager and Client windows.
  • Optionally use the View NetDocuments Workspaces command from the Quick Clicks pane to open any NetDocuments workspaces that contain records for the selected client.
  • When a NetDocuments record is selected in the Matter Manager or Client file, clicking Send Email from the Quick Clicks pane will include a link to the selected document in the email message.

Download Version 19.1.12 or later to get all of the new NetDocuments features!

For more information on how NetDocuments integrates with PracticeMaster, see KB Article R11786, “NetDocuments Integration.”

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