Quick Tip: Convert to Fee Settings

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If you use the Convert to Fee feature, customizing your Convert to Fee Settings can be a time saver!

Default settings can be specified for calendar, email, note, phone, research, timer, and document records via Convert to Fee Settings (Maintenance | Preferences | Convert to Fee Settings). Settings are saved per user, so each login user has their own default settings. Default settings are broken down by record type (e.g., timer, email, document, etc.) and provide defaults for tcode, timekeeper, description, time to bill, and more.

For example, you can specify the Default Timekeeper setting for each record type to one of the following:

  • Always use Timekeeper <number>
  • Timekeeper used for last fee
  • Client’s Primary Timekeeper

This means that every time you convert a record to a fee, the timekeeper will be automatically entered based on your preferred setting for that record type.

As another example, you can specify a particular tcode, or task based billing code, for each record type. This means that you could set a default tcode of “14 – Communicate with” for email type journal records, and a default tcode of “10 – Legal research” for research type journal records.

By specifying Convert to Fee Settings, you will have less editing to do when converting records to fees, making this administrative task run quicker and more smoothly.

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