Quick Tip: Marking Records Inactive

July 2022    Tags: , , , , ,

Did you know that there are several files throughout the software in which you can mark people or accounts as inactive? Selecting the Inactive check box provides the ability to keep the associated history, but removes the ability to accidentally add associated records. You can also typically choose whether or not you want to include inactive people or accounts on lookup windows and reports.

Records in the following files can be marked as inactive:

  • System Configuration – User file
  • Tabs3 Billing – Client, Contact, and Timekeeper files
  • PracticeMaster – Client and Contact files
  • General Ledger Software (GLS) – Chart of Accounts file
  • Accounts Payable Software (APS) – Vendor Information and Bank Account Entry files
  • Trust Accounting Software (TAS) – Contact and Bank Account files (Note: Clients must be marked as inactive in Tabs3 Billing)

For more information on marking files inactive, press F1 to open the Help, enter “inactive” on the Index tab, and select the desired topic.

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