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Did you know that Tabs3Pay can help you get paid faster? Accepting credit cards helps make it easier for clients to pay their bills. Sign up directly from Tabs3 Billing or Tabs3 Trust Accounting; in the Quick Launch, search for and select “Tabs3Pay Web Portal.”

With Tabs3Pay, you can:

  • Manage separate trust and operating accounts.
  • Securely store payment information for future use.
  • Accept credit cards and electronic checks, all from within Tabs3 Software.
  • Include a payment link in email statements, allowing your clients to easily enter payment information through the secure Tabs3Pay portal.
  • Include trust replenishment request links with email statements or generate email requests directly from the Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager using Request Trust Deposit.
  • Schedule future or recurring payments for clients.
  • Take advantage of the Surcharging feature, allowing you to minimize the expense of processing fees.
  • Enable clients to pay their current balance from the Tabs3 Client Portal.

To learn more about Tabs3Pay, visit Knowledge Base Article R11871, “Tabs3Pay Frequently Asked Questions,” or R11869, “Configuring Tabs3Pay.”

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