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Do you ever wonder how figures on reports are calculated? Report Packs take the mystery out of reporting. Sample reports are available for every Tabs3 application and each report is broken down field by field to explain exactly how the information is represented.

Each report consists of three sections: a sample report, the description of the report, and field definitions.

Sample Reports

At least one example is provided for each report so you can see how the report looks. More than one example is shown if there are significant differences in the formatting when different options are selected.


An overview of each report briefly explains the purpose of the report and provides a summary of available options. You can use the overview to help determine if the report suits your current reporting needs.


The Definitions section for each report provides a detailed breakdown of every field available on the report. This may be as simple as a Report Date field on a report representing “The date the report was printed,” or a calculation based on multiple fields. For example, on the Client Analysis Report, the Effective Rate field shows that it is calculated as “Hourly billing rate based on original hours. (Fees Billed minus Fee Write Offs) divided by Original Hours.”

To access the Report Packs

  1. Open the report for which you want to view the Report Pack.
  2. Press F1.
  3. Click the  icon at the top of the Help topic (Report pack in PDF format).

When this icon is clicked, the Report Pack is opened. Alternatively, the Tabs3 Report Packs can be accessed from the Quick Launch by searching for and selecting “Documentation,” or

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