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Do you need to make a change that affects multiple clients or matters? Do you want to save time by changing clients all at once instead of one at a time? Use the Change Client Options utility! The Change Client Options utility allows you to change options in the Client file for a range of clients.

You can change options for client setup, rates, billing, and statements. This includes changing the timekeepers assigned to a case, client status, payment settings, fee and cost rate table information, billing status, sales tax and finance charges, statement delivery options, statement format settings, statement notes, and more!

For example, let’s say you have created a new Email Template, and you want to change all clients with a specific primary timekeeper to use this new template. You could edit each client to make the change, but with Change Client Options, you can change all clients at once!

To change all clients with a specific primary timekeeper at once

  1. In the Quick Launch, search for and select “Change Client Options.”
  2. On the Client tab, specify the Primary Timekeeper of the clients for which you want to add the new template.
  3. For the Client ID range, clear the Client ID Thru field. This field intentionally defaults to 0.00.
  4. From the Billing tab, click the Select button.
    1. Select Email Template from the list and click OK.
    2. Select the Email Template to use.
  5. Click OK.

The Change Client Options utility provides several features to help minimize errors. First, you are prompted to back up your data prior to running the program. If you inadvertently change a setting for the wrong clients, or you change the wrong settings, you can restore the backup to undo the changes. Second, the Client ID Thru field is automatically set to 0.00. This prevents an accidental change to all clients across the board. And third, you must click the Select button to specify the exact field(s) to which you want to make changes. Only the fields you select will be available to change; therefore, other fields and settings do not get changed.

The Change Client Options utility simplifies global changes, which means you will have more time for your regular tasks!

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