Quick Tip: Optimize for Print to File

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When previewing reports, you always get the best formatted view of the information for reading. However, when saving a report to an .html or .txt file, you may see different formatting or missing text. So how do you get better output? By using the Optimize for Print to File setting.

When selecting to Optimize for Print to File, the software will make adjustments that help with formatting and eliminate clipping problems. This can help significantly when printing to .html or .txt format.

To Optimize for Print to File

  1. From the File menu, select Print Setup.
  2. Select the desired Printer.
  3. Click the Advanced Printing Features button.
    1. Select the Optimize for Print to File check box.
    2. Click OK on the Advanced Printing Features window.
  4. Click OK on the Printer Setup window.

The next time you print a report to a file, try selecting Optimize for Print to File and see the difference it makes.

Note: We do not recommend selecting this option for your normal printing jobs because of adjustments made to avoid clipping problems. When saving output to a file, the best solution is to configure a special printer for print-to-file output.

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