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In a law firm, there can be an overwhelming amount of information to keep track of and work with – case information, contact information, upcoming meetings, research, emails, and documents galore. PracticeMaster can help make you more organized than you’ve ever been before. PracticeMaster provides the tools you need to manage it all.

Calendar – View not just your calendar, but all appointments for everyone in your office. View appointments for a specific client or matter, an employee, or view appointments based on any information in the calendar record such as date, calendar code, and location.

Contacts – Don’t just search your list of contacts; see all the contacts for any matter at a glance, and every matter in which a particular contact is involved.

Document Management – Tell PracticeMaster how you want to name and sort your documents, and then let PracticeMaster do it for you! Quickly see all documents for a case, or different versions of the same kind of documents across all your cases.

Matter Manager – Tie everything for a matter together in one place: calendar records, contacts, email, meeting notes, documents, billing summary, and more!

Conflict of Interest – Determine any potential conflicts by searching files, documents, email attachments, and contacts for key words. Optionally limit results to certain files, and more.

Timers – Use timers to track your time, phone tasks, and research. Switch between timers as needed, and then process timer records into fees!

Filtering – Add filters to your files so that you can easily see only those records that you want to see.

QuickViews – QuickViews combine a filter, column layout, and sort option into a tab at the top of the List tab of any file, which allows you to quickly switch your view depending on the records you are working with. Add Smart tabs to provide an additional level of record sorting.

Integration – Integrate calendar records and contacts with Outlook. Install the PracticeMaster toolbar in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Adobe Reader or Acrobat; Corel WordPerfect; and Ricoh ScanSnap to save documents and research to PracticeMaster, or to create journal entries, calendar entries, or fees from within the other software. Integrate with Tabs3 CRM, LexShare, NetDocuments, and CalendarRules.

Areas of Practice – Areas of Practice provide a way to save separate information for different types of matters, without having the clutter of everything all in one file or set of files.

Report Writer – Create custom reports using the data stored in PracticeMaster.

WorkFlows – Help automate your workload by creating WorkFlows to automatically start tasks or notify other users based on specified events.

Document Assembly – Help automate form letters by creating document templates that pull information from any file in PracticeMaster. Once created, simply select the client and the template, and it does the rest.

For more information about PracticeMaster features or to purchase a license of PracticeMaster, contact your local consultant, or contact our Sales Department at (402) 419-2200.

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